Published March 22, 2012 by decramer26

I thought that this was a fantastic blog entry and I could not resist reblogging it.


So I have been going through a lot. All goof just very emotional and self-reflationary. At first i was just jumbled and confused because I needed to ‘communicate’ so much with non-corpial beings. This meant that I was being rejected by so many Gods because we didn’t need each other. For example Juno was very angry, ‘Why are you bothering me?? You are not getting married, you are not even in a relationship. Why are you even thinking about me?’
Basically it taught me to collect my thoughts and organize my priorities. It matters to who you are talking to as well as why.

So later Jove makes an appearance, and he an Hathor switch out. Hathor was now the one there but in the background, Jove was he one full frontal and pumping dialog.
He was very purposeful as always, he was stern yet loving. Jove tells me that…

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