FAQs About Witchcraft

Question: What is witchcraft?

Answer: Witchcraft is the art of creating magick. It is neither good or bad. As a Wiccan, I believe that everything, good or bad, is returned to me three-fold. Witchcraft is only as good or bad as the person casting the magick, the same way that organized religion is only as good or bad as the person giving the message.

Question: What is magick, and why is it spelled weird?

Answer: Magick, in any form, is just energy directed into a want or need. I find it very similar to praying, having practiced different sects of Christianity throughout my life. When you pray, you are asking God for assistance in a matter, regardless of what it may be. In magick, we are asking the Gods and Goddesses to send our energy to help make something happen, regardless of what it may be. Magick is spelled with a “k” at the end of it to differentiate it from the MAGIC that movies are always portraying.

Question: Do you sacrifice animals?

Answer: Though there are different branches of Paganism that may sacrifice animals, this chick isn’t in one that does. I do not think that an animal should be sacrificed just to be sacrificed. If it is done properly, and nothing that the animal has to give is wasted, then have at it. To each their own. But, me? Absolutely not. I do not need to practice animal sacrifice nor do I have any desire to. So, no. There are no dead goats or chickens hanging in my bathtub or in a shed somewhere.

Question: Do you have any holidays that you celebrate as a Wiccan?

 Answer: We do and they are called Sabbats. There are 8 collectively. The 4 minor sabbats are the season changers: Yule (Winter Solstice-around Dec. 21st); Ostara (Spring Equinox-around Mar. 22nd); Midsummer (Summer Solstice-around June 22nd) and Mabon (Fall Equinox-around Sept. 22nd). The 4 major sabbats are the midway points between the minors: Imbolc (Feb. 2nd); Beltane (May 1st); Lammas (Aug. 1st) and Samhain (Oct. 31st).

Question: I see the term Paganism a lot. What does it mean?

Answer: Paganism is an umbrella term like Christianity.  Like you have different sects of Christianity (i.e. Baptist, First Assembly, Seventh Day…), there are different sects of Paganism. Paganism, basically, covers any polytheistic religion; meaning, any religion that has one or more god.

Question: Do you worship the devil?

Answer: Absolutely not. The devil is a creation of Christianity, therefore it is not a part of my own theology.


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