Busy Family Life

Published June 6, 2012 by decramer26

Hey guys!  Sorry that I haven’t been around for a couple of weeks now.  Things have been crazy around here like you wouldn’t believe!   The first thing that we had to do was find a school for my daughter, Arwen, to go to.  

Thanks to some family drama, the school that she WAS going to go to was suddenly NOT the school she was going to.  I spent an entire weekend stressing about it, and 2 hours on the phone Monday morning calling charter schools.

Now, if you aren’t sure what a charter school is, let me explain.  According to Google.com, a charter school is “(in North America) A publicly funded independent school established by teachers, parents, or community groups under the terms of a charter with a local or national authority”.So, basically, its a school that is run like a private school, but is funded like a public school.  That being said, I was finally able to find a school that had an opening for her and promptly got her enrolled after taking a tour of the school and speaking with the principal.

So, thanks to the people that forced us to find her a better school.

Also, still trying to juggle my personal life and my lessons in the craft is finally proving to come together.  I have a fantastic circle of friends that are involved with the craft, as well.  I am learning how to meditate, along with doing quite a bit of reading.  Mostly, I have been trying to focus on self-reflection and figuring out who I am as a person. And, slowly but surely, I am getting over my fears and hang ups and becoming the person that I ought to be.

More to come later, when it isn’t 9:40pm and I can think more straight 🙂 Also, look for the page soon that will have the rules from the American Council Of Witches.

Happy reading, guys 🙂


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