All the herbs listed are to be carried in a small sachet (pouch) on your person, placed on your altar or burned (when directed).

  • Acacia: Burn as an altar offering. Also, aids in psychic powers and meditation.
  • Agrimony: Protection, returns spells (such as curses) to their sender, promotes sleep (mini pillow under your pillow or on your nightstand), water magick and strength
  • Alder: you can make whistles or wind chimes to entice the Air element to be more present in your craft workings. NEVER BURN ALDER!!!!! This is Hecate’s sacred tree and it would offend her.
  • Allspice: Burn for prosperity
  • Angelica Root: You can sprinkle this one around the house to ward off any negativity. Also, put in a sachet (pouch) for protection and divination.
  • Anise: Purification, protection. Entices spirits to aid in spells.
  • Apple (fruit): Bury in garden or yard on Samhain as food for departing spirits. Share an apple with the one you love to strengthen that love. Can also be used in health spells.
  • Ash: Ideal for wands and use in protection spells. Place leaves in a mini-pillow for prophetic dreams. Also, can be used in prosperity spells.
  • Avens:  Can be used in purification and love spells
  • Banana (fruit):  Use in fertility and prosperity spells
  • Basil:  Protection, wealth and love spells. Also, repels negativity.
  • Bay Leaf: Burn for increased psychic powers. Can also be used in purification and wish magick.
  • Benzoin: Burn for psychic powers, purification and wish magick
  • Bergamot:  Success
  • Betony: Psychic awareness, protection. Put it in a dream pillow to be rid of nightmares.  Create a sachet to send away despair (can hang above doors and windows).  Burn at Litha (Midsummer/Summer Solstice) for purification.
  • Blackberry (fruit): Protection, health, prosperity.  Use in pies on Lughnassadh
  • Blackthorn:  Returns evil to sender
  • Borage:  Make a tea of this herb to aid in psychic powers.  Carry leaves for protection.
  • Briar:  Add to tea for clairvoyant dreams
  • Broom (Besom):  Sweep your circle for purification, hang indoors for protection.  Also, helps to keep the Fae away.
  • Burdock:  Wards negativity.  Also, purifies and protects.  Use during spring cleaning by washing floors with it.  Or, wear a root on red thread or in a red sachet.
  • Cardamom:  Burn for love spells.  Use in love sachets.
  • Carnation:  Use in protection spells and spells for strength.  Also, as an altar offering for the Goddess.
  • Catnip: love and cat magick
  • Chamomile:  Use for meditation, purification and prosperity.  Make a chamomile tea to aid with sleep and calmness.  Burn chamomile incense for the god.
  • Cherry:  Use in spells for creativity.  Burn wood chips at Sabbats.
  • Cinnamon:  Burn for increase in psychic powers.  Also used in protection spells and for success.
  • Cinquefoil:  Prosperity, protection, purification and divination dreams

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