Links To My Favorite Things

I do bead work, polymer clay, leather, hemp, chain maile and wire jewelry. I also make crochet items as well as custom clothing.

A video chat room where you can go and ask questions of the administrator and the moderators of the room, or just in general, a fun place to hang out.

You can go here and search to see if there are Wiccan/Pagan activities in your area.  I found a local coven using this site.

They have a wide variety of things on their site that are affordable and good quality. I ALWAYS buy here! They are awesome!!!

The online coven that I belong to. We are lead by a High Priest that we all look up to, despite his age, and we are all friends.  You should get to know us.  We usually meet up in the video chat room we have created (see link)

Grandma Juice is my favorite coupon lady/blogger EVER!!! She finds the most awesome deals AND she always has some fantastic giveaways going on all the time!!!  You can find her on Facebook here


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