Iron Druid Chronicles Review and Interview

Published March 22, 2012 by decramer26

Atticus O’Sullivan is a 2,100 year old Druid that looks 21 years old, who lives in modern day Tempe, Arizona.  And is the main character in the Iron Druid Chronicles by Kevin Hearne.  So far, Atticus’ adventures are spanning over 3 already published books Hounded, Hexed and HammeredTricked is due to come out April 24, 2012 and Trapped is set to be released November 27, 2012.

Through the three books of a series, I never thought I could see one person get into so much trouble.  Atticus surely does that and more, including keeping me enthralled and begging for more.  He manages to piss off more than one deity, a collection of witches, his vampire and werewolf lawyers just to name a few.  With his Irish wolfhound, Oberon, and his apprentice, Granuaile, by his side, Atticus deals with the unbelievable and still succeeds in making witty and constantly humorous comments and insights.  The series offers a little bit of understanding into Druidism while still maintaining the fantasy aspect of the story.  Not once does this story lose its magic to keep a reader entertained, and I would definitely recommend that everyone read this series.  Once you start, you will not stop.

I got to interview Mr. Hearne about his series, about life, about pajamas.  I got some very interesting answers, to say the least:

Modern Witch:  Atticus is a very unique character.  How did you come up with him?

Kevin Hearne:  The series started out as a webcomic about a Druid and his dog. I basically was trying to come up with something different from all the vampire/werewolf stories out there, and I thought a magic user with the ability to communicate with animals would be cool. Since I’m Irish, the Irish mythology was fascinating to me and led to a grafting of that world onto ours.


MW:  Have you always liked to write?

KH:  I used to loathe it until I read One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest by Ken Kesey. That changed everything and inspired me to write.

MW:  What is it about Druidism that attracted you and made you write about it?

KH:  I appreciated the idea that nature is not to be dominated, but revered and perhaps a bit feared. In some faiths that shall remain nameless, they seem to regard the earth and its creatures as something their deity created for humans to mess with. It’s a mindset that I have trouble assigning to a loving god: “Here’s the world! Go play! Try not to break it! Oh, you drove thousands of species to extinction? Silly humans! Oh, well, I forgive you. Except if you’re gay.”

MW:  At the end of Hammered, Mrs. MacDonagh undergoes a very interesting change. Will we see more of her?

KH:  You will see a bit, yes.

MW:  Will there ever been anything more between Atticus and Granuaile other than Sensei and Apprentice?

KH:  Tricked and Trapped address that pretty well, I think. Best not to spoil it.

MW:  Do you write in your PJs?

KH:  Nope. Don’t own any pj’s.  Usually it’s jeans.

MW:  Do you have a day job, other than writing?  If you do, what is it?

KH:  Yep, I’m a high school English teacher

MW:  Is there any creepy crawly creature that freaks you out above all others?

KH:  Roaches. Yuck.  Gah!

MW:  What is your favorite book and who is your favorite author?

KH:  My favorite book is The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.  Favorite author right now is Patrick Rothfuss.

MW:  When you write, do you become Atticus or are you outside of the story line?

KH:  I do become Atticus a little bit in terms of voice.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t make me 21 years old again or even remotely in shape.

MW:  Do you share any similarities with any of the characters in your books?

KH:  Well, I share some of Atticus’s attitudes, especially regarding religious tolerance. You’ll notice that when Atticus meets gods from other faiths he has no problem with them. It’s always the human followers of some faiths that give him trouble, and even then he’s reluctant to pre-judge. He does have a problem with witches, but that’s because his personal experience has been quite negative with some rather malevolent sorts. One of the things I’m enjoying is watching him gradually realize that he can’t paint Malina and her coven with the same broad brush that he’s been using for centuries. He’s learning that there are truly good people of all faiths, just as there are some truly bad ones in every faith.

MW:  I am absolutely in LOVE with Oberon.  Do you have any pets at home?

KH:  Yes, I have two dogs, a pug and a Boston terrier.  I hope to have a hound someday, but first I need to get a place big enough to handle one.

MW:  Do you have a favorite character from your books?

KH:  Coyote is fun because of his trickster aspect, but I also like the Morrigan.  She’s so messed up and lonely from being a goddess of slaughter.

MW:  Out of the books you have written, which one is your favorite?

KH:  Well, I just finished writing Trapped yesterday, so I’m really digging it right now. I got to have some fun with mythology and put my own twist on things and it was quite enjoyable for me.

MW:  What is your favorite cartoon?

KH:  My favorites are the Coyote & Roadrunner cartoons.

MW:  If you had one “magical” ability, what would it be?

KH:  Talking to animals would be so rad.  I really would enjoy that particular talent of Atticus’s

MW:  As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

KH:  I wanted to be an artist for quite some time.  I still doodle and sketch, but I never got the hang of painting.

MW:  Can you tell us anything about Tricked or Trapped?

KH:  Sure. Atticus travels to the Navajo Nation in Tricked in an attempt to find a quiet place to train Granuaile. He has several obstacles to overcome before he can get to that, however.  In Trapped we’ve skipped ahead twelve years to the end of Granuaile’s training period, and Atticus now has to bind her to the earth. But there are several factions who don’t want any more old-fashioned Druids walking the earth, and it’s a much more difficult process than he anticipated.



MW:  Do you have anything that you would like to tell the readers out there?

KH:  I’m really grateful to everyone who’s given my books a try and spread the word. Thank you so much for your support! May harmony find you.

You can find all three books of the Iron Druid Chronicles  on for $7.99 (USD) a piece or in a bundle for $19.99 (USD).  Also, you can follow Kevin on Twitter @KevinHearne and on Facebook.  And, if you just can’t get enough of this fantastic author, you can keep up with his blog Writers Grove.


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