Published March 26, 2012 by decramer26

Regardless of the sky, I see beauty.  In the rain, I see my Mother’s tears of joy.  In the wind, I see my Father’s strength.  In the bloom of flowers, I see the birth of things to come.  In the changes of the seasons, I see both my Mother and Father age, only to be born again.


My soul is an old soul, though I can remember nothing of my previous lives, nor of my time in Summerland.  I am sure that I have made this journey before.  I have seen things in this life that no one should have to see.  Experienced things that no one should have to experience.  Not to say that others haven’t had it worse than me.


My church is Nature.  I find myself at home in the woods, hearing the birds converse back and forth.  Hearing the breeze rustling the leaves at my feet.  I am able to speak to my Mother and Father here.  Without reservation.  I long for this type of relationship with the people that conceived me.


My spells are my energy.  Placed carefully into words that will harm no one, not even myself.  It is me, asking the Goddess who chose me as hers for assistance in mundane matters.  Spells are like and unlike prayers at the same time.  When you pray, you don’t think of consequences that can occur because you asked for some help the wrong way.  When I cast, I must make sure that every loophole is closed.


I raise my children Wiccan.  To respect the Earth, because it deserves our respect.  To honor our ancestors, though my living family may dislike it.  What are all of us, if not products, somewhat, of our pasts?  I raise them to know right and wrong, and to treat others as they wish to be treated.  Sometimes, that last part is hard.  They are young, and have much to learn.  I also teach them to honor their deities.


We wear a 5 pointed star called a Pentacle.  A pentagram is written/drawn, a pentacle is worn or hung.  It represents the elements, the things created by our Gods and Goddesses.  Yes, we consider Spirit an element.  If we are honoring our ancestors and friends that have passed, how could we not consider them as something all around us?


I have written this so you know about me.  About what I am.  I am love, understanding and respect all in one person, as my children will become.


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