Friendly And Personal

Published March 25, 2012 by decramer26

If there is one thing lacking from celebrities of today, it’s the friendliness towards their fan base.  Sure, if you are brave enough (or wealthy enough) to try and follow them around the world, they will meet you if you are where they are.  Hopefully, sign an autograph or pose for a pic.  But, their social networking sites are run by people that they have hired to do so and, after chasing them down, we have to hope that we aren’t lost in the throng of people that are there, also.  We never really get to have a ONE ON ONE with them.

Kevin Hearne is NOT one of those celebrities.

According to Mr. Hearne’s blog, Writers Grove, he has SEVERAL appearances lined up throughout the 48 contiguous United States from April 28th to July 12th.  The first one, which he so lovingly calls “Atticus & Oberon’s Sausage Fest”, is to be held on April 28th at Rula Bula in Tempe, AZ as a big release party for Tricked.  That’s right.  The pub in which he stole Granuaile from in the first book is REAL!!!!!  And Kevin agrees with Atticus:  They have some awesome fish and chips there.  Now, tickets sold out for this event a day or 2 after going on sale, BUT….ANOTHER AWESOME THING ABOUT KEVIN……  HE’S HANGING AROUND AFTERWARDS  FOR PEOPLE WHO COULDN’T GET TICKETS!!!!!!!!

Now, I know you are thinking… “What could possibly make him more awesome than this?”  Well, let me tell you.  On his Facebook page, his fans (myself included) can ask him questions.  Anything from the books, to the characters, to his reading preferences.  AND HE ANSWERS!!!!!  He really, honestly LOVES his fans.  I feel that this is one of the things that makes him great.  He is modest in his abilities and he really truly appreciates the people who read the fantastic stories that he releases to the masses.

You should get to know Kevin.  Drop by his Facebook or his Twitter, heck…even his Blog and tell him “Hello”.  Ask him questions. Crack some jokes.  You will be pleasantly surprised at how friendly he really, really is.


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