An Educated Opinion

Published March 21, 2012 by decramer26

Someone posted this on a Facebook page that I frequent and I found it fascinating.  This person has asked that I keep their name private, so I am honoring said persons wishes.  Leave your comments and tell me what YOU, the reader, think.  Do you agree?  Do you disagree?  I think that this has some extremely valid points.

Happy reading…..

“I do not mean to be rude on any point here. I just want to be honest, as it is a bit of a credence of mine.

I do not care for just any opinions. I am only interested in the facts, and, when they are not readily supplied,the opinions of the experts.


If all you have read is one of the English versions, then I can really find no help in your opinions. Again, I mean no disrespect. It is stated in the Old Testament (Tora), (translated obviously, lol) “If you change this text by one Yod or He, you invalidate the entire script.”

We changed it by the inter language. Not just the letters and symbolism. The ancient Hebrew was also a complex numerological system, supposed to enhance the meaning of each line and phrase.

To change the texts to another language is to loose nearly everything. Also the New Testament was written in Latin. And had so many different books. There was no leader until Paulos, who changed his name to Paul and became mistaken for a saint, even though he came about 100 years afterwards. He is the founder of the Catholic Church, and the Celibate order.

The bible as we have it now was manufactured by many Catholic councils over the years. So much that we aren’t even sure of who wrote these books most know of as the ‘traditional text.’

The original Christians were called Gnostics, meaning ‘those who know.’ And they wrote the stories in many different fashions. Borrowing sections from the local stories of Pagan Gods, or down right copying the entirty of them.

Most of his miracles were what the surrounding Sages of Greek Culture were known for. And most of his story was taken from Dionysus and Horus.
I am not trying to be insulting, these are just facts that have been collected.

You may believe however you choose. I will fight for your right to say and believe what ever you wish. Just know that every one else has these same rights, and that Religion needs to stay separated from State.

I do hope this finds you well, and that I haven’t stepped over the line for you.”

***A correction that the author made and sent me: ” I do need to Correct Myself! The New Testament Started out in Greek! It was written in both Greek and Latin, but from what we know it seems the earlier Gnostic texts as well as part of our ‘traditional bible’ were written in Greek.”***


2 comments on “An Educated Opinion

  • I honestly feel its not about all that… I am Pagan at heart..mind…body and soul…why!? Because i believe…thats what moves me…helps me keep my spirituality..keeps me on my path…. Wjen i was little i was bounced around from place to place and everyone hated who i was ..judged etc… Its not about christian..jewish…greek gods..who wrote the bible…its about following your own path and respecting others! people think i eat babies and do voodou… Or sacrafice animals… Crazy loads of crap…people need to mind their own business..respect others… And everyone flow their own path because what might be right for me…might not be right for you.. If u believe a damn alien is God. …. I wont knock ya…

    • I just thought that the post was captivating because it proves a valid point. When the bible was translated by King James, it was done for whatever purposes he deemed fit. Therefore, the bible that everyone knows and uses today ISN’T what was originally written. And what WAS originally written is, more than likely, lost.

      Most of the Pagans that I know ARE respectful of other religions, especially Christianity. I, like you, couldn’t care less if someone wants to worship the Flying Spaghetti Monster or something else. I come from a Christian family and married into a Jewish family. (Holiday’s get expensive in my house. HAHA). I think that the writer was just trying to prove the point of religion is flawed.

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