The Art Of Writing Your Own Spells

Published March 16, 2012 by decramer26

We discussed casting a circle a few days ago and the basics of writing one.  It at least gave you a jumping off point of creating your own, yes?  If you have completed that, and felt comfortable with it, then you are ready to go on to spell writing.

Now, however you choose to call the elements to your circle is up to you; the elements don’t care if you ask them with formal or informal language.  But, when writing and casting a spell you are pouring your emotion into it.  Your own personal nuances, clear, defined intentions, tone of voice.  All of these things are what help make the spell your own.  You can rhyme them, using drumming and chanting, sing them, acting, et cetera.

But, you also have to remember that there are other things to focus on, as well.  You can’t get wrapped up in just the delivery.  The biggest issue that I see people run into is realizing all the implications of what they are wanting to cast.  They refuse to see any negative outcomes and can only see the positive.  For example:  Say you cast a spell to bind someone to you.  The positive things that can come from this is that you are immediately happy, the person whom you bound to you might be immediately happy.  The negative outcome?  You just took away a persons free will.  Even if you were to undo the binding, the damage has been done, and you will have to live with the karmic ramifications of your actions.  Best bet:  Don’t cast against or for people without their knowledge or permission.

The best advice that anyone can give is to be careful what you wish for, use your words wisely and always consider the good and bad consequences that can result.  The basic way that this all works:  Cast your circle, Cast your spell, Thank the God and/or Goddess and the Elements, Release the circle.


I would like to thank my teacher Airlia Skye for her help with some of the information in the article


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