Writing A Circle Cast and Making It Your Own

Published March 12, 2012 by decramer26

I have some friends that have asked me in the past how to cast a circle if you are wanting to work a spell.  I have looked up many ways to do it, all of which I felt were very basic.  None of them called to me.

Calling the elements to join your circle is a very heavy thing.  It should be done with respect.  I have found that I like asking the elements to lend specific things to my circle to have a more direct flow of energy.  You need to become very familiar with the elements so that you know what to ask for.

Also, I like to include sigils and incense in my spell crafting and circle casting.  It contributes to the positive energy that you are wanting present, and helps make sure that everything is getting directed appropriately.

Here is a circle cast that I wrote.  You may use it if you like, or use it as a foundation and build upon it:

(light Dragon’s Blood incense; kneeling in the middle of the circle)

“I cast this circle in light and love.  Brighid, please protect me from above”

(Stand and face the North)

“I call to the North, the power of Earth. Please aid in understanding through this circle”

(Draw sigil of Earth while speaking)

(Turn and face the East)

“I call to the East, the power of Air.  Please give us knowledge through this circle”

(Draw sigil of Air while speaking)

(Turn and face the South)

“I call to the South, the power of Fire.  Please give us courage through this circle”

(Draw sigil of Fire while speaking)

(Turn and face the West)

“I call to the West, the power of Water.  Please give us compassion through this circle”

(Drawn sigil of Water while speaking)

(Return to the North, point finger to earth, but do not touch and turn deosil three times imagining a circle.  Pause for a few moments, direct your energy to the circle and you are ready to cast)

Hope this helps explain some things, or just gives you some new ideas.  Until tomorrow, my fellow witches.


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