Car Protection Sachet

Published March 11, 2012 by decramer26

A friend of mine gave me this recipe because of all the bad luck I have had with vehicles.  I can count 5 different car accidents my entire life, only 1 of which was my fault.  Another, which isn’t included in this 5, a vehicle hit my person while I was walking in the cross walk of a parking lot.  So, yeah. Not such good luck with cars.


Remember to “pour” your positive energy into this this sachet while you are making it.


2 parts rosemary

2 parts juniper

1 part mugwort

1 part comfrey

1 part caraway

1 small quartz crystal point


Mix the herbs and put them in a red cloth bag with the quartz.  Hide it under your seat in your car or hang it from your rearview mirror.  Remember: 1 part=1 equal measurement.  If you choose 1/8 tsp, then 1 part=1/8 tsp


In mine, I have also decided to use a piece of myrrh resin, as myrrh also assists with protection.  You can make this recipe your own.  In fact, I encourage it!  But, this recipe provides a good start.  Have fun, guys!


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