Juggling Every Day Life and Your Craft

Published January 29, 2012 by decramer26

Being a full time mom of three kiddos and a full time student is very hard. Most days, I barely find the time to make sure that the house is clean, the kids and cats are fed and happy, do my homework (and have it be right) AND learn about the craft. Just with the cooking and cleaning alone, by the end of the day I am beat. If you, my wonderful readers, have that same problem, then I have a few tips for you to try and squeeze some time for your craft into your ever growing schedule.

  1. Include your herb lore into your housework. When you are making dinner, most recipes call for different herbs and spices, right? Most, if not all, of the herbs you work with in the kitchen you also work with in the craft. Knowing this and knowing your herb lore, you can craft spells into your recipes. I find that  Lunaraye’s Kitchen Witchery is an excellent place to start. You can also use some herbs to clean your floors. All it takes is a bit of research and you will be on your way.
  2. MAKE SOME TIME FOR YOURSELF!!!!!! I know that this is easier said than done. And trust me, I’m guilty of it, too. But, once everyone is in bed and asleep, I meditate before I go to bed. Even if it is just for a few minutes: spend some time on YOU!
  3. Leave notes and reminders around the house. If you are constantly at the sink doing dishes or constantly at the stove cooking (which, feels like ALWAYS for me), leave notes for you to read. Tape them to the wall, frame them. Memorization is key to being a good witch (kind of a pain in the butt if you’re always having to hunt for information, right?) and if what you are wanting to memorize is always right in front of you, then you will have good results.
  4. Check your local pagan shops. If you live in a large city, like me, then you undoubtedly have one or two Pagan stores in your area. Call them, find out if they have classes scheduled to where you can learn. This one kind of ties in to Number 2, which is Make Time For Yourself. Have your significant other take over for a day, go learn and meet people.
  5. Take a walk. Make it a family event and take a walk somewhere that nature is abundant and reminds you that we are all a part of the earth and of the gods and goddesses. Talk to the trees, play in the dirt, watch the wildlife roam around. Do whatever makes you comfortable and keeps you in touch with nature.

Well, I hope that some or all of these tips help you in becoming a better witch. If you have some that have helped you, feel free to leave comments below! Looking forward to hearing your guys’ ideas!


3 comments on “Juggling Every Day Life and Your Craft

  • After reading your blog I went out and bought myself some make-up. Hopefully this will encourage me to spend more then 20 minuets on myself everyday . I also got another idea from reading your blog. So, I’ve decide to manage my life differently and set pirorities straight. I need to devote more time to not only myself but Wicca as well .I can get showered, dried off, dressed, do my hair (a knot, cliped back or a hat), grab school books and bag and put my coat and shoes on and run for dear life to bus stop number one in 20 mins. So I decided to change that I’ve decide to do it like this, A) personal (laundry, banking, school stuff, phone bill, emails, work, dr. app ect), B) school work and assignments and ooclos, C) family and friends,(grandma, my coven, my friends, ect also trying to go out more with my friends and text people more), D) me time, reading, youtube, tv ect and E) time to study wicca (tarot, runes and magick) !!! .

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