Published January 24, 2012 by decramer26

I was on a Wiccan website today and there was a HUGE uproar about something that someone had posted on the site.  All religions teach non-judgement, peace and harmony with your fellow man. A Christian man came onto a Wiccan website to tell us all that we are going to hell.


Now, let’s leave out the OBVIOUS reasons why this is wrong and discuss this a little. This man intentionally sought out our group, took the time to become a member and then posted hateful things about us. Now, leaving the historical issues about which faith began first aside, doesn’t Christianity teach its followers to “judge not, lest ye be judged”?  How can a person who doesn’t follow the rules of his own faith come into where we are comfortable and tell us that we are going to his “hell”?


This man also said that homosexuals were going to “burn in a fiery lake”, as well. Did you know that there are only SIX admonishments to homosexuals in The Bible? There are 362 admonishments to heterosexuals in that same book. How can someone sit there and tell me that my friends, that some members of my family, are going to “hell” when heterosexuality seems to be more frowned upon than homosexuality? The age old argument of “Sex is meant for pro-creation only” has been beaten dead. Killed by parents who leave their kids locked in cars, who shake their children because they won’t stop crying. Killed by the teenage mothers who leave their babies in dumpsters and the teenage fathers who beat their girlfriends to avoid the pregnancy so that they can continue to play football or rugby. Homosexuals that have kids wind up raising more well adjusted child than most straight people I know, because they aren’t filled with hate. They teach their kids to accept and love others. Just because you CAN create a life and “raise” it, doesn’t mean you SHOULD.


Now, in the Wiccan Rede, it is in our guidelines that we harm none (Note the last line of the text).Can you count how many wars have happened in the name of Witchcraft? What about the wars in the name of the Christian God? In reality, we aren’t that different. When you pray, you are putting energy and intent into it when you talk to your God. That is exactly what we do when we preform magick and talk to our gods and goddesses. If you would see past your own HATE and practice ALL the rules of your religion, you would be less worried about ours. We all need to LOVE eachother, and realize that we are all just….people.


2 comments on “Tolerance

  • WOW!! You really did say everything absolutely perfect. I’m a Witch and a lesbian so I always catch double BS from some Christians. But you’re so right, no war has ever been fought over Witchcraft. Love & Light, Blessed Be )O(

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